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Design & Layout

Below please find our design criteria that we use for our plans from the ground up.

•Groundwork- Analysis of soil conditions, rock content, fill needed, and compaction. We then grade and prep with mounding and boulders to create an undulating appearance. This step is the basis of any good landscape design.

•Attention to direction of sun and wind is considered next for protection in hardscape areas such as BBQ, fireplaces or outdoor kitchens, and ultimate growth of plants. Drainage is also a consideration at this time.

•Next step is to install all hardscape including pools, fountains, waterfalls, BBQ's, fireplaces, spas, sport courts, or anything you can imagine. We also can accent these features with ledgestone or a variety of veneers. Walkways or pavestone patios are also installed at this time.  This is followed by:

•High quality automatic underground irrigation is installed with a multi functioning controller that will allow separate circuits and watering schedules for trees, plants, grass, and potted plant, as these all require a different schedule for ultimate growth.

•Nightscape lighting will enhance any landscape project. Our design allows for proper wattage and wire size for all circuits. High quality metal lights come in a variety of anodized colors. Up lites are utilized to spotlight trees and boulders and walk lites create an attractive path for safety and aesthetics. We also incorporate step lites for hardscape and BBQ areas.

•Next comes the planting with full consideration to location and size. We have found through our experience it is better to place plants and trees properly than to overcrowd an area for immediate effect. This allows the plants to grow and fill in without removal in a couple of years due to overplanting leaving bare spots to be filled in. Xeriscape plants are used in the exterior areas with more lush tropical plants for the courtyards and patio areas. Trees are often used to create a sub climate for more colorful plants and of course shade.

•Lawn areas are installed next and pop up spray heads are utilized to contain water to the lawn area and ease of maintenance.

•The last step is to install the granite ground cover which comes in a variety of colors and size to coordinate with you residence and landscape.

•Upon completion our superintendent will review the project with you and make sure you have an understanding of all the different components.

Here at the Worktree we stand behind all of our work. Please feel free to contact us for any referrals or recommendations.